O3 - Stress Management Resource Tool-kit

A comprehensive range of resources was developed to support young people to effectively manage stress in the workplace. These resources address a number of critical work-related stress areas such as:
KNOWING WHAT IS IMPORTANT - resources designed to build an understanding of different techniques that can be used to help young people to prioritize their workload;
LESS ANGER; LESS STRESS - resources designed to help young people realise that anger is a stress emotion they can do without and that learning how to control the expression of anger is an important tool in one's stress management armoury
BEING ORGANIZED - resources that help young people to feel a sense of control over their environment and helping them to understand how to spend their time for the best results;
SUPPORT SYSTEMS - resources that help young people understand and accept that the world is a much better place if you are surrounded by friends and individuals they can trust and relate to.

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